About Rig-Tech Steel Structures

Our Company

Rig-tech Steel Structures is a privately owned, experienced company with a reputation for quality of workmanship.

Since we understand that a new building is a large investment, we are particularly careful in planning and constructing only the most economical building for whatever purpose you may have in mind.

We work with a proven and experienced professional drawing office to ensure accurate fabrication for your steel structure.

Meticulous care and attention to detail is applied throughout the entire planning and construction stage of every project.

We are part of the Master Builders Association

Why you should use Rig-Tech Steel Structures:

Rig-Tech has completed numerous sub contract projects for Aveng Grinaker – LTA and is currently working on our Lanxess Newcastle Contract. Rig-Tech has always completed their task in a professional manner and within the required time frame. We have found their competence to be of a high standard and their attention to detail, including safety, is exceptional. I would recommend their services to other large construction companies

  • We take the time and effort to identify your requirements and plan them meticulously into your building.
  • We take our customers’ time constraints very seriously, with start and completion dates and work programs being strictly adhered to.
  • We are very safety conscious and have passed the MBA safety audit with an “A” rating.
  • We work closely with engineers, who design and spec your buildings, guaranteeing a safe, structurally sound and cost efficient steel structure.
  • We are extremely flexible, with your requirements always coming first. Even changes in the planning stage are no problem.
  • Building work can be very disruptive for current business operations, so we aim to be as non-intrusive as possible.
  • We always have one of our experienced site managers on location with every project, working closely with our experienced rigging and sheeting crews.
  • We have an excellent track record and are well respected in the structural steel industry, with several structural engineers referring their clients to us. See what our clients say
  • We have a long list of content customers and will readily furnish references upon request. (One client alone has now completed 19 buildings with us.)
  • We use fabrication workshops which have a large capacity and are fitted with state of the art equipment, allowing all work to be done efficiently, accurately and to the highest international standards.
  • Long distance travel is no problem, since we are fully equipped for staying on site for the duration of your project.