Chicken Layer House Shed


Chicken Layer House Shed

These are fully temperature controlled chicken layer houses with insulation panels fitted around the structure. Fourty millimeter Isoboard was fitted in the ceilings.

Spring Vale Farm – 60 Point Rotary Milking Parlour

Rig-Tech builds large farming sheds to house rotolactors. Rotary milking parlour is a large rotating “merry-go-round” style platform for holding 50 or more cows. The machine brings the cows into position for milking with automatic milking machines. The rotating platform machine is sixty feet in diameter and made one complete revolution about every twelve and […]

Baynesfield Estate

Industry sector - Commercial - Piggery

PD Hauff & Son – On Farm Mixing Shed

Industry sector - Commercial Farming - On-farm Mixing Shed

Dunkeld Trout Hatcheries

Dunkeld Trout has an exciting new development: a world-class, state-of-the-art trout breeding facility. It’s an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation that, through the recirculation of water, provides trout with an optimal habitat – without any detrimental effects to the ecosystem and environment.