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Why Steel Structures?

Rig-Tech Steel Structures is a privately owned, experienced company with a reputation for quality workmanship. Here’s why our design, fabrication and construction set us above the rest.
We know that taking on a new steel structure project is a significant investment, which is why we cake the utmost care when designing, fabricating and constructing the right building for your needs. 

Design Intro

Rig-Tech Steel Structures have a finger on the pulse of modern design. We’re at the cutting edge of local and global design trends, and all our structures are approved and certified by civil and structural engineers. 

The steel structures we design are fast to build, predictable, precise and cost-effective.

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Bespoke design for your needs

Our design process starts with careful and thorough identification of your unique requirements. With meticulous care and attention to detail, we’ll then begin the process of planning and designing your steel structure project. 

We’ll also take note of your deadline and time constraints, designing the project around strict start and completion dates. Our approach is flexible, and we’ll always prioritise your specific requirements, even if these may change somewhat along the way. 

It pays to design with steel

Steel structures cost up to 50% less to build than projects that use other materials. In fact, building with steel is the most economical construction method due to its lower material, assembly, labour and insurance costs.

Professional service

We work closely with engineers who will design and spec your steel structure, guaranteeing the safety, cost-effectiveness and structural integrity of the project.

Fabrication Intro

We specialise in steel structures for agricultural, industrial and commercial purposes. However, we’re not limited to these industries, and we have also worked on residential and other projects. 

No matter the industry, our same high standards of fabrication and workmanship apply. And all industries and sectors stand to benefit from steel’s durability, cost-effectiveness, consistently high quality and strength. 

Fabrication Main Copy

Working with a professional, experienced team, you can rest assured that the fabrication of your steel structure will be done accurately and to the highest standards. 

Our fabrication workshops are large and can deal with high volumes of work, which means no backlogs and an efficient time schedule for your project. 

We only use modern, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment. This means that all our fabrication work is done to the highest international standards, with maximum efficiency and accuracy. 

Made to stand the test of time

The steel we fabricate is energy-efficient, non-combustible and non-flammable. Steel is a highly resilient building material that doesn’t crack, warp or rot, and is not vulnerable to pests and changing weather conditions. 

High quality every time

No matter the steel structure you’re building, steel is made to be a superior construction material, fabricated to strict international standards that facilitate precise construction.

The strongest building material

Compared to other building materials such as brick and concrete, steel boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio. This means that steel structures are safe, durable, and resilient in the face of natural disasters. 

Construction Intro

Steel is a highly versatile material that can be used for a wide range of buildings. Some of our common projects include different types of farm sheds, freestall housing, and warehouses. 

With our extensive experience in agricultural, industrial and commercial steel structures, Rig-Tech is the first choice for steel construction projects in these industries. 

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Quick construction

Because some of the steel structure preparation takes place during the fabrication stage, steel structures can usually be constructed much faster than conventional buildings.

Expert team

Our experienced site managers work closely on location with our experienced sheeting and rigging crews to make sure that the structure is coming together as it should.

Top safety

We maintain the highest safety standards on site, minimising the possibility of accidents, mistakes or downtime. We’re proud to report that we consistently pass our safety audits with flying colours. 

We want you to get on with your business

We know that construction work can be disruptive to ‘business as usual’, which is why we take care to be as unobtrusive as possible while on site. 

We can stay on site

Travelling long distances is no problem at all for our team, as we are fully equipped to stay on site for the duration of your project. 

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Steel Structure Process

Rig-Tech are committed to the highest level of steel structure engineering. We design, fabricate and construct according to your specifications, timelines and budget.


Rig-Tech Steel Structures specialise in commercial, industrial and agricultural steel structures. We start with thorough design work before fabricating the highest quality steel and constructing your building on time, with fantastic service throughout. 

There are three different methods for the design of steel structures:

  1. Simple design
  2. Continuous design
  3. Semi-continuous design

After gaining a clear understanding of your needs, our expert team will decide which design method is best-suited to your project. 

Working closely with engineers who design your building, we guarantee a safe, structurally-sound and cost-efficient steel structure.

                  Design Main Content

Our design process includes clear steps that will help us create the best possible steel structure design for you:

  1. Understanding of your needs, timeline and budget
  2. Preliminary sizing of beams
  3. Structural analysis – modelling, analysis
  4. Design review and modifications
  5. Cost estimation
  6. Preparation of structural drawings and specifications
  7. Assessing loads for structural analysis and design

During this process, we’ll also decide which design method will work best for your project:

  1. Simple design –the most traditional approach that assumes no transfer of movement from one connected steel item to another. Bracing or concrete cores are used to resist lateral loads and sway. 
  2. Continuous design-more complex than simple design, continuous design assumes some movement transfer between the building components. In this design process, it’s important to ensure that all joints are able to carry the moments, forces and shears arising from the frame.
  3. Semi-continuous design –the most complex method of all, semi-continuous design requires the use of sophisticated computer programmes to determine realistic joint response. 

No matter the complexity, Rig-Tech Steel Structures have the experience and the expertise to advise and deliver the design that’s right for you. 

We’ll always delivers professional drawings for your approval before starting on any construction work. 

Fabrication Intro

The process of steel fabrication uses various high-quality tools to grind, weld, cut, bend, drill, punch, burn or melt to create a sturdy, resilient steel product that is perfectly suited to industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. 

From start to finish, the entire steel fabrication process requires the utmost precision, systematic planning and knowledge.

Fabrication Main Copy

Steel fabrication requires immense skills, knowledge, and practice. We work with a proven and experienced professional drawing office to ensure accurate fabrication for your steel structure.

Our Rig-Tech steel fabricators use only the best steel fabrication tools and equipment to ensure that the fabrication of your steel structure is done with accuracy and perfection.

Each individual steel structure we fabricate is subject to strict in-house quality control checks. 

Construction Intro

Steel is an extremely versatile building material. It can be used to construct agricultural steel structures, commercial steel structures, industrial steel structures and more.

Regardless of the steel structure you are building, our Rig-Tech steel is produced to strict standards and facilitates the precise construction of your project. 

Construction main copy

Different types of structures require different types of construction processes and steel components of varying size, dimension and type. 

All of these variables will be outlined in the design phase of the project. Each steel structure is specifically designed and fabricated before constructing and assembling them together. So, by the time we’re on site, it’s just a case of building the structure to spec. 

After design and fabrication have taken place, the construction process typically follows these steps: 

  • We’ll establish the foundations of the steel structure and confirm that they are suitable and safe for building to commence.
  • We’ll place the steel components into position using jacking, lifting, and sometimes the help of cranes. 
  • At this stage, depending on the project, the bolted connections are may not be fully tightened and the bracing may not be fully secured at this stage. 
  • Our expert team will carefully align the structure, checking that column bases are lined and levelled. 
  • Once the structure is meticulously aligned, the final bolting ensures that all the bolted connections are secure and rigid. 

Throughout the process, our onsite site managers will ensure that all our steel structure construction is accurate, efficient, and to the highest standard. Safety is also always top-of-mind, and we are members of the Master Builders Association (MBA), who have given us an “A” rating for safety.

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