Prefabricated Steel Structure (Flat-Pack) – Africa Export

Flat-Pack Steel Structures – Design, Fabricate & Ship

Everything you need for your sheeted steel structure – just bring concrete.

Here’s what you get – Detailed file with everything you need for assembly & sheeting of your steel structure, including:



General layout

Sheeting & flashing

Every component you need to rig and sheet your structure – down to the last  bolt.

Engineers drawings and material list of all components.

Base plan layout, showing all details for anchor bolt placement & concrete bases.

General arrangement drawings showing component numbers for ease of assembly on-site.

Material, component & fixing lists.

Transport options:

We appoint and manage a professional logistics operator.

You manage transport – we will work with your appointed transporter.

Flat Pack Steel Structures from Rig-Tech

Versatile and easy to DIY erect, steel structures are shipped flat-pack to site, making it easier to gain access and build in remote locations.

Here’s a few examples of steel structures we’ve shipped.

  1. Aircraft hangers.
  2. Equipment storage sheds.
  3. General Agricultural storage sheds.
  4. Agricultural workshops.
  5. Warehousing.
  6. Mini factories.
  7. Staff housing.
  8. Temporary construction storage sheds.
  9. Temporary construction staff canteens.

We aren’t just a faceless web site offering products. We don’t rig steel structures outside of South Africa because each country has local construction requirements, easy for locals to comply with, onerous and costly for foreigners to meet. But we are happy to talk you through any on-site issues you may face while assembling your steel structure.

What about steel structure corrosion protection?

The steelwork finish on your structure is a personal choice, dependant on your specific external environment factors and the use of the steel structure (e.g. highly corrosive manufacturing and storage).

What assembly instructions do I get with my flat-pack steel structure?

We provide everything you need for the assembly of the steel structure. Here’s the table of contents.

  1. Base plan
  2. Layout drawings
  3. Sheeting layout drawings
  4. Gross Assembly list
  5. Sheeting list
  6. Purlin List
  7. Fixings List
  8. Flashing & Closures List

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