Construction Safety for Steel Structure Projects

Steel Structure Construction Safety File

For us, the safety of the Rigtech crews is paramount. We don’t want our people to be injured.

For you the client, safety incidents cost you money and time when sites are shut down due to a safety incident.

As such, all our staff are trained in accordance with the latest OSHAC safety guidelines via the KwaZulu-Natal Master Builders Association.

A documented summary of the legal requirements implemented on the construction site/work place is compiled to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. All sites have a safety file compiled as follows:

  • Letter of good standing
  • Staff medicals
  • Certifications for all staff for working at height and safe working procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Fall protection plans
  • Registers
    • Power tools
    • Equipment
    • Safety equipment (harnesses, lifelines, etc)
  • Other site specific requirements

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All our staff are issued with PPE that is regularily checked for any defects. Statistics shows that more workers are injured on the way to site in road accidents, than on-site injuries. To this reality, our staff are transported in safe crew busses.

Staff Medical Fitness Certification

It important that staff are determined to be medically fit to work at heights. Issues like blood pressure, epilepsy, etc, are ruled out through these annual medical health checks.